Clinical Research

Flip around your bottle of PRIMAL HAIR, you’ll notice a list of ingredients and among them is a little proprietary formula called “BeauTop”. BeauTop® is our secret sauce – a lab tested formula that has undergone extensive clinical studies designed to test its’ effectiveness. It’s the reason we can claim that PRIMAL HAIR is clinically proven to work. The latest clinical study on the formula can be found below. Cenutries old remedies herbal remedies like Dong Quai (increases blood flow) and Asian Ginseng (improves immune function) aid in maximizing the effectiveness of the BeauTop formula, helping to reverse the signs of hair loss and begin the process of hair re-growth. The innovative PRIMAL HAIR formula is the only completely botanical hair-loss remedy to be backed by a US Patent (#7838048 B2).


PRIMAL HAIR's Latest Clinical Study

EXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE. 2016 Sep 22.  DOI: 10.3892/etm.2016.3935

Hair growth effect of traditional Chinese medicine BeauTop on androgenetic alopecia patients: A randomized double‑blind placebo‑controlled clinical trial. 


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the treatment effects of BeauTop in alopecia by observing its effectiveness in improving androgenetic alopecia. Hair growth was observed using a dermatoscope and clinical photos, and was scored by three dermatologists. Dermatologists evalu­ated and selected suitable participants for this study using the Norwood scale or Ludwig scale. A total of 40 participants with androgenetic alopecia were recruited in this study, and 32 participants completed the 6‑month trial. The results revealed that in the BeauTop treatment group, 9/17 partici­pants (52.9%) showed increased hair growth. Changes in hair growth were as follows: No change, 47.1% patients; minimally improved, 5.9% patients; moderately improved, 29.4% patients; and significantly improved, 17.6% patients. In the placebo group, 2 /15 participants (13%) showed increased hair growth. A Chi‑square test was performed and attained a value of 0.01<P<0.025, indicating a significant difference between the treatment and placebo groups. In addition, blood tests indicated that BeauTop has minimal effects on dehydro­epiandrosterone, testosterone and estradiol. This suggests that the mechanism of action of BeauTop varies from that of finas­teride. Finasteride is an inhibitor of type II 5αR; BeauTop may enhance hair follicle activities via growth factor. The biochem­ical analyses of participants were normal in the treatment and placebo groups, and no adverse reactions were observed. The average white blood cell count (WBC) for the treatment group compared with the control group was significantly increased (6770/mm3 vs. 7560/mm3, respectively; P<0.014) at week 4, and significantly decreased at week 24 (6240/mm3, P<0.493). In conclusion, BeauTop effectively improves male and female androgenetic alopecia.

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