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    What to expect while taking PRIMAL HAIR?


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  • Improvement in hair color!

    I just finished my second bottle and while I am still waiting to see new hair growth, its hard to notice changes when you see yourself in the mirror every morning. It wasn't until I went into work just last week that a coworker asked me if I had dyed my hair. "No...," I said confused, "Why do you ask?" 

    "It looks darker than usual."

    Upon hearing that, I got really excited and realized that the formula is working, it just takes some time. 

    I will definitely continue to use Primal Hair!



    I have been on the primal hair supplements for only 3 weeks but the results so far is nothing short of amazing. The amount of hair falling out has decreased and my husband said my hair no longer looks like a Brillo pad (it was dry, wiry and breaking off). This is the only supplement that has made a difference and I have tried many, went to several hair specialist, tried prescription meds and topical applications for hair loss but nothing helped. I was at the point where I had given up on my hair and just purchased a hair piece to wear out in public so I wouldn't be embarrassed. Then I saw the ad for primal hair and thought I'd give it a try. What a surprise! Even if no further success I'm happy with the reduction in hair loss and texture of my hair so far. The company states it takes about 3 months to see final results so will update in another few months.

    Verified Customer


    Hair loss has slowed down and growth is evident - I am very satisfied with PRIMAL HAIR! After only 2 months, its positive effects are clear on me and I am quite sure they are replicable to many. I can definitely recommend PRIMAL HAIR's natural formulation to those who want to see increased volume and energy in their hair.

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    I've been using PRIMAL HAIR for about a month now. Though I don't experience much in terms of hair loss, I wanted to see if my hair would grow thicker or stronger - I'm in my late 20s and it's definitely been starting to thin. After one month, my hair feels more hydrated (not as dry and brittle) and my hair is growing a lot quicker. I definitely recommend this as an option for someone trying to grow their hair longer and stronger - even if you don't experience hair loss or thinning!

    Stephanie Lynne
    Verified Customer