May 12, 2020



Do you know that most people have some of their identity tied to their hair? So for every hair loss, it does feel like a part of them is falling away. You would have to agree that the hair is the first thing noticed when people meet you and by all means, you should keep it intact. You will probably find many remedies to hair loss and most therapies suggested to you but most often than not there is a way of nipping your hair loss in the bud. So, rather than resign to your fate and slowly get to the point of baldness in extreme cases, there are some medically proven ways to stop or reverse the progression of hair loss so you don’t get bald. Some studies have shown it is much easier to stop hair loss and trigger fresh growth when you still have hair on your head. When you become bald, this might just be a tad difficult.

There are a lot of reasons why people experience hair loss and this could range from genetics to birth control pills to hair styling and hair products or childbirth. You may notice a change in your hairline visible in pictures or you could even see your hair is getting thinner and you lose more hair when you brush your hair. Before this gets much worse, you could put it in check. 


This is a medication that can be used to treat hair loss in both men and women alike. It was originally prescribed as a blood pressure treatment drug but was used to cure hair loss on the side until it was subsequently approved by the FDA for this purpose. What it does is to slow down or delay the process of hair loss. It also prolongs or adds to your hair growth phase to give it a longer growth period. Most people who used this medication have experienced new growth but you would have to use it consistently and over a period to experience any changes. Since it works to slow down hair loss, it will be a lot more effective if it was used at the initial periods of hair loss to retain most of your hair. You do not even need a prescription to get this drug as it is available over the counter but you would need to talk to your doctor before taking it.


The laser therapy is one known to reduce hair loss and trigger regrowth of hair already lost. The equipment used for this therapy has been approved by the FDA. What the laser device does is to increase the circulation of blood and speed up the biological process that grows hair. They could be used at the doctor’s office or even at home. Thing is you’d have to use this for a period of 2 to 4 months to see any changes. This therapy may be effective for people with different kinds of hair loss.


This is yet another medication used to treat hair loss for a long period of time. Men who resorted to using this medication during hair loss did not go bald. You would, however, need a prescription for this medication and your doctor will need to intimate you on its side effects which could include erectile dysfunction and reduced libido but these could be properly managed. The icing on the cake is this medication reduces your chances of having prostate cancer in the future.

Hair Transplant

If your hair loss is far too gone for medication or laser treatment, you could resort to a hair transplant surgery. This usually includes something like hair grafting. Skin with hair is transplanted to the bald sides of your head. The problem with this is the scar left behind from the skin which forces people to keep longer hairstyles. You could also opt for follicles to be implanted on these bald spots one by one to get a more natural look. These heal like wound contractions and leave no scar. The issue with transplanting follicular units is the fact that there may not be enough body hair to use as severe hair loss could deprive the whole body of hair. If you opt to use artificial hair follicles, these will cover the bald spot but do not grow and will remain sort of stagnant.

Apart from all these methods and medications suggested, dietary supplements and eating the right foods could increase your chances of hair growth. So don’t panic, eat right and subscribe to any of these methods early enough. 


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