FALL for these Fall Hair Care Tips!

September 14, 2017 1 Comment

FALL for these Fall Hair Care Tips!

Fall is approaching and so are cooler temperatures and shorter days.  We sleep with the windows open and the sheets pulled up.  Evening campfires with friends require a hoodie and glass of wine to stay warm.  The arrival of fall comes as a relief as we pack away our sandals, beach bags and sundresses.  Along with the changing of seasons, it’s important to make changes to your hair care routine.  Protect your locks from dryness, brittleness and cold weather damage that can lead to hair thinning by following the tips below.

Deep Condition Often

Winter air can be especially drying but a good deep conditioning treatment can add moisture and hydrate your hair.  Look for a deep conditioner treatment made with keratin to strengthen your hair in addition to moisturizing it.

Use Caution With Wool

Wool causes breakage due to friction, it also can deplete your hair of necessary moisture.  If you rely on wool as much as your morning coffee, make sure to style your hair in an updo or braid, away from wool scarves and pea coats.

Go Natural

Your hair produces oils naturally to maintain a healthy scalp and environment for your hair to grow.  Many products contain synthetic ingredients that can cause dyer and more damaged hair.  Avoid using chemicals and alcohol that strip your hair of its natural, nourishing oils.

Consider Clarifying

Summer may be gone, but buildup from sunscreens and sand can cause greasy and lackluster roots.  Consider doing a “hair detox” by using a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks.

Regrow Damaged Locks by the Holidays

In 3 quick months, you can re-grow damaged hair by taking PRIMAL HAIR once daily – just enough time to have great hair for holiday gatherings!

Protect your hair from the cold weather and elements just as you would your hands and face.  Incorporating these tips into your routine will help ensure full, healthy hair as the days wind down and winter is among us.


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